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Network of Speech & Language Pathologists

Creating a network of Speech & Language Pathologists (SLPs) using AI-based software offers an opportunity to provide more personalized, efficient, and accessible speech therapy solutions. Such a network can harness the power of artificial intelligence to support and augment the work of the SLPs.

As early as 6 months old

The first six months of life is a critical period for observing early signs of developmental issues, including those related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Although a definitive diagnosis of autism is often not made until after age 2, early identification of risk factors or subtle signs can facilitate earlier intervention and potentially better outcomes.

Family Led Intervention

Family-led intervention refers to therapeutic and developmental strategies in which the family, especially the primary caregivers, play a central role in supporting their child's development or addressing specific challenges.

Time Limited: 12 Weeks

A 12-week timeframe requires clear goals, consistent monitoring, and strong collaboration between the family and professionals.

100% Teleintervention

Implementing a 100% teleintervention program for pediatric patients with autism requires careful planning and consideration, given the unique needs and challenges associated with autism. However, teleintervention can be an effective approach, especially when in-person services are not feasible.

Humanistic AI

Humanistic AI in autism pediatrics focuses on understanding and addressing the unique needs, strengths, and experiences of children with autism. By leveraging technology to facilitate enhanced individual care and support, humanistic AI can greatly benefit both the children with autism and their caregivers.

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